The sound of silence

The sound of silence

About global Noise Control

After I earned my Mechanical Engineering Degree at HTS Dordrecht and a Master of Science in Acoustic Technics at ABAV Antwerp, I started working in the noise-isolation industry. First as a technical and commercial employee and later as managing director. All these years I enjoyed finding the optimal solution for noise problems involving gasturbines, industrial boilers, cooling towers , industrial plants, resonance (for instance the sound absorbers De Arena Amsterdam) and low-noise test cells (automotive and universities).

During these years I’ve worked with all aspects of Noise Control in most European countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland as well as in several Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

As of January 1 st 2018, I have independently started Global Noise Control (GNC). After more than 30 years of working for well established companies in the noise industry, I decided it was time for a new challenge with more opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

I enjoy creating a more silent, safe and therefore healthier working environment and by limiting the unwanted sound for the surrounding areas.  

GNC is affiliated with the NAG (Nederlandse Akoestisch Genootschap), and the ABAV (Association Belge des Acousticiens).

More information? Please feel free to call or e-mail.

Marco Goorden